Georges Bataille’s
Story of the Eye

“A punk-pornocopia equivalent to Last Year at Marienbad.”

--Dennis Harvey, Variety

Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye is a provocation that hypnotizes, a hallucinatory narcotic.”

--Johnny Ray Huston, The San Francisco Bay Guardian

“This is not a movie for passive consumption, but a film that bites back.”

--Dave Kehr, The New York Times

“Andrew Repasky McElhinney's new feature Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye is a new landmark in underground cinema. The film is an artistic assault on both the senses and sensibility. Mixing equal parts of surrealism, eroticism and silliness into a vibrant package rich with lush cinematography and a challenging soundtrack, [Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye ] is a brilliant achievement that demands attention and challenges the audience in a way that few films today can even dare to achieve.”

--Phil Hall, Film Threat / The Encyclopedia of Underground Movies

“It’s quite an “Eye”-ful . . . brave and shocking”

--V.A.Musetto, The New York Post

  “ambiguous… hypnotic… confrontational…”
--Matt Prigge, The Philadelphia Weekly

“Perverse in all the wrong ways”

--Sam Adams, Philadelphia City Paper

“Like punk Ken Russel working with no budget and NO boundaries”

--Howard Gensler, The Philadelphia Daily News

“McElhinney's movie knows what it wants to be (obscure, demented and experimental, rather than accessible, charming and story-driven) and pursues its goals with the obsessive focus and inscrutable energy that defines independence.”

-- Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Press

“Some [viewers], including a few admirers of Andrew Repasky McElhinney 's previous films, may be outraged by the surprises in [Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye], but others, like this reviewer, will applaud it as the filmmmaker's best work yet, and a promise of great work to come.”

--Bill Krohn, The Chestnut Hill Local


Louis Feuillade
Stephen Sayadian


Querelle Haynes

Sean Timothy Sexton

Courtney Shea

Claude Barrington White

Kevin Mitchell Martin

Jackie O.

Andrew Repasky McElhinney
Bosco Younger
Les Rek
Dan Buskirk
Courtney Shea
Sean Timothy Sexton

Hair and Make-Up

Production Assistant
Lori Walker

Charlie Mackie

Lighting Cameramen
Dan Buskirk
Les Rek
Bosco Younger

Paul David Bergel

Sound Design
City of Horns

Executive Producer
Louis Bluver

Mise-en-Scene / Production
Andrew Repasky McElhinney