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March 17—LOST HORIZON (1937 / 134 minutes)
The restored version of Frank Capra’s visually opulent, epic fantasy based on the novel by James Hilton about travelers fleeing from war-torn China crash-landing in Tibet’s utopist Shangri-La, where time stands still. Starring Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt, Edward Everett Horton and Thomas Mitchell.

March 24—THE MODEL AND THE MARRIAGE BROKER (1951 / 103 minutes)
Thelma Ritter has a rare lead role as a marriage broker who matches up misfits, including model Jeanne Crain, in this frothy romantic comedy directed by George Cukor and co-starring Zero Mostel.

March 31—GALLIPOLI (1981 / 110 minutes)
Two Australian sprinters face the harsh realities of World War I when they are sent to fight in Turkey. Staring Mel Gibson and Mark Lee and directed by Peter Weir.

April 7—HANDFUL OF DUST (1987 / 118 minutes)
Based on the novel by Evelyn Waugh; a wife’s infidelity hastens the demise of a family of English aristocrats. Stars Alec Guinness, Judi Dench, Anjelica Huston, Rupert Graves, Kristin Scott Thomas and Stephen Fry.

April 14—ARMY OF SHADOWS (1969 / 145 minutes)
Director Jean Pierre Melville’s stunning World War II adventure traces the story of the ordinary people of the French Resistance in the darkest days of the conflict when it seemed as if Germany might win.

April 21—THE CHINA SYNDROME (1979 / 123 minutes)
Extremely tense, white-knuckle thriller about TV reporter Jane Fonda and her cameraman Michael Douglas exploring a high-reaching cover up about near-sighted cost-cutting measures at a nuclear plant. Co-stars Jack Lemmon in one of his greatest performances as an ethical Nuclear engineer. 2014-15 Season Finale!