“…Alix D. Smith, the actress who portrays the title character, Magdalen, is a world-weary young woman who earns her living in a bar, telling stories to lonely people for money. Smith’s presence on-screen is fascinating, unromantic and tough. The film itself unravels languidly, with stylish, moody black & white photography from local cinematographer Abe Holtz.”
—Carrie Tobey, The Philadelphia Weekly

“I’ll be damned if I’ve ever seen anything like it”.
—Sam Adams, The Philadelphia City Paper




Magdalen — Alix D. Smith

Edward Semonin — David Semonin

The Old Lady — Moira Rankin

Jace — Jace Gaffney

Phil — Phil Hooven

Mister Jones — Terry Jones

Nathan — Nathan Hopson

Heroine of Jace’s Novel — Suzanne Repasky


Mary Campbell, Francis Cauthorn, Lenny the Bartender, Patsy Downie, Erica Downie, Lauren Gifford, Amanda Scheiner, Ronn Watson, Cecilia A. Clinkscale and Jimmy Sulliven



Lighting cameraman — Abe Holtz

Producers — Andrew Repasky McElhinney, Erica Downie

Sound Editor — Ron Kalish

Script Editor — Amanda Scheiner

Assistant to the Director — Jace Gaffney

Production designer/Film editor — Charlie Mackie

Location Sound — Zhang Ye

Production Assistant — Carl Spicer

Writers — Andrew Repasky McElhinney & Alix D. Smith

Director — Andrew Repasky McElhinney