Andrew Repasky McElhinney is the author or co-author of the following screenplays:


The Pack (screenplay by Jacqueline Goldfinger, story by Jacqueline Goldfinger and Andrew Repasky McElhinney, 2013-14)

Times Square Séance (with Greg Giovanni, 2010-11)

Family Barbecue (with Jordan McClain, 2009-10)

People Are The Enemy (with Jordan McClain, 2009)

The Things We Do For Love: A Cinemagic (2006)

Passionate Friends (2005-8)

Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye (2003)

On Ice (with Susan di Michele, 2003)

Flowers of Evil (2000)

Certainty (1999)

A Chronicle of Corpses (1998-9)

Magdalen (1996)

A Maggot Tango (1995)

Doll Night (1995)

Her Father’s Expectancy (1994)

The Scream (1994)


In addition McElhinney is available for script consulting, uncredited revisions and dialogue polishes.